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Steel Rims 

Steel Rims from 1940's onwards for the Caravan Wheel, Trailer Wheel or Horsefloat.

A Spare wheel for your car, van, SUV or 4wd.

We specialise in sourcing and stocking Steel Rims especially the Hard to find rims!

Retro Rims for the restoration project, caravan or trailer. Caravan and older Trailers rims are often very tricky to find the one that fits and so many look the same. Get it right first time by coming to the experts in rims.

Don't risk travelling without a spare wheel, with Athol's help we can help you get the right wheel to keep you rolling. 

Factory Steel rims for a spare or to replace that rim damaged by a curb or pothole.

Early Holden, Ford, Austin, Zephyr rims to name just a few.

Give us a call today on 0272263805 or 033430099 or send us a picture of your existing rim.


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